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We Design, Supply, Install & Commission clear cut IP Networked CCTV Systems to Business Owners for protection of your staff, premises & assets.

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A reliable CCTV System is a key part of protecting any business premises, providing you solid recorded evidence, peace of mind in case anything should happen and, most importantly, protection from unwanted trespassers, thieves and intruders.

Outset CCTV Design IP (Networked) CCTV Systems custom to your security requirements and building layout to achieve the highest record quality for both Day & Night protection.

Are you thinking about upgrading your Business with a Hikvision IP (Networked) CCTV System?

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Not in the office? View Your premises Live & Review your playback footage all from your mobile.

HikVision IP Networked CCTV Systems commissioned by Outset CCTV can be networked to your Business Broadband connection.

With CCTV Cameras installed like AcuSense or the ColorVu series, it gives you the ability of having real-time Push Notifications if an area has or is being entered with line crossing technology. This also can include Push to Talk audio remotely to your premises and live audio monitoring.

Easy, Quick & Efficient review of your multiple live camera feed, recorded footage export and Push Notifications via the HIK-Connect Mobile App.


We choose HikVision IP CCTV Systems for Installations as they offer the latest advancements in CCTV Technology, Highest Build & Images Quality and more reliable current on the market, which is why we choose this top Brand to guard your Business 24 Hours a day.

Staying up to date with the latest advances in the CCTV Industry is a key aspect of our Business, updating our Clients when new products are available and their improved features, informing you and rolling out updated firmware and software when released to keep your current NVR Networked CCTV Systems running 100%. This ensures that you are only ever supplied with the latest and very best equipment for your allocated budget and requirements.


We specialise in Commissioning High Quality IP (Networked) CCTV Systems for Commercial Sites & Businesses in the West Midlands. Please call us on 01788 877358 or to discuss your CCTV requirements.







See, Record & Monitor true vivid colours for both Day and Night CCTV coverage.

Accurate coverage, monitoring and alerts. Innotivite sensoring to monitor real time action.

Overcome night-time monitoring and achieve clear footage with DarkFighter X Technology.

Fed up with false alarm activations? Watch how you can improve your Security System.

Obtain every fine detail in Perfect 4K. Check out the 4K performance on the Smart IP Series.

Discover the difference in night-time visibility. Check out Hikvisions comparison footage.

Smart security solutions for Businesses in industrial units & premises.

Learn about the simplicity of Hikvision NVR Networked Systems.

Coupled with a warm LED light, ColorVu guarantees great colour footage 24/7.

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Are you interested in seeing the full potential of a HikVision IP Networked CCTV System? Book an Appointment with us to see our customer setup which Includes the ColorVu & DarkFighter HikVision IP Cameras. Our setup shows how powerful it is to have multiple screens and Networked Login. This is including Monitoring and Playback footage over business computers in different Zones, Office & Front Desk of our business premises for the greatest security system.

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Expert installed & reliable High-Definition IP CCTV is the perfect companion to any business owner and commercial premises.

We design, Install, Commission & Maintain commercial CCTV Systems suitable for Shop & Retail Units, Factories, Pubs, Nightclubs, Leisure Industry, Offices & Restaurants. But of course, our installed systems are designed to achieve bespoke scenarios so we can work with any Business Premises or Industrial Unit.